Prof. Dr. Stefanie Walter
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Walter


I am a professor for international relations and political economy at the Department of Political Science at the University of Zurich.

In my research, I concentrate on the fields of international and comparative political economy, with a particular focus on how distributional conflicts, policy preferences and institutions affect economic policy outcomes. Current projects examine the political economy of the global financial crisis and the euro crisis, disintegration referenda, and the effect of exposure to globalization on individuals’ policy and partisan preferences.


My work has been published by outlets such as Annual Review of Political Science, Cambridge University Press, Comparative Political Studies, International Organization, International Studies Quarterly, Political Science Research and Methods, and World Development.

About me

I studied public policy and economics in Konstanz, Montréal, and Barcelona. I then did my PhD in Political Science at ETH Zurich, where I graduated with a dissertation on the political economy of currency crises in 2007. During my post-doc years, I held a Fritz-Thyssen-Fellowship at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. In 2009, I joined the department of political science at the University of Heidelberg as Junior Professor for International and Comparative Political Economy. I have been full professor for international relations and political economy at the University of Zurich's institute for political science since 2013.


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Recently in the media


Interviews in Die ZEIT, Schweizer Monat, Der Standard, Handelszeitung, LuzernerZeitung/St.Galler Tagblatt, UZH Magazin, 3sat, and Echo der Zeit about my research on globalization, "SRF Arena" on Globalization.


Interviews about Brexit and its implications for Switzerland in the Aargauer Zeitung, Radio Zürisee und SRF Rumantsch.


Last update: 16 May 2017


Prof. Dr. Stefanie Walter

Institute for Political Science

University of Zurich

Affolternstr. 56

8050 Zurich



+41 44 634 5832

walter -at-

Twitter: @stefwalter__


I am on sabbatical during the spring term 2017.


Open position: I am currently looking for a new post-doc (start date: September 2017). Application deadline: 31 May 2017. Here's the job ad.


New article forthcoming in Comparative Political Studies with Tobias Rommel on how offshoring affects voting behavior for established and populist parties: "The Electoral Consequences of Offshoring"


New article in the Annual Review of Political Science with Jeffry Frieden on what caused the euro crisis and how distributive conflicts both between and within countries make its resolution so difficult: "Understanding the Political Economy of the Eurozone Crisis."


New article in the Review of International Political Economy with Erica Owen on "Open Economy Politics and Brexit: Insights, Puzzles, and Ways Forward"


New paper on who globalization losers and winners are, how they feel, and what they want published in PSRM: "Globalization and the Demand-Side of Politics: How Globalization Shapes Labor Market Risk Perceptions and Policy Preferences"


Paper on high-stakes foreign policy referenda presented at PEIO conference: "Non-cooperation by popular vote: Expectations, foreign intervention, and the vote in the 2015 Greek bailout referendum"


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