Prof. Dr. Stefanie Walter
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Walter


Prof. Dr. Stefanie Walter

Institute for Political Science

University of Zurich

Affolternstr. 56

8050 Zurich



+41 44 634 5832

walter -at-

Twitter: @stefwalter__



New book on "The Politics of Bad Options. Why the Eurozone Crisis has been so hard to resolve" (with Nils Redeker and Ari Ray) is forthcoming at Oxford University Press. It compares the Euro crisis to previous crises, includes detailed analyses of interest group preferences and case studies of crisis politics in deficit and surplus countries.


New paper: "The Political Consequences of External Economic Shocks. Evidence from Poland" (with John Ahlquist and Marc Copelovitch) is out at American Journal of Poliical Science.


Tom Pepinsky and I have edited a debate section on the Challenges to the Contemporary World Order, published in JEPP.


New website for my ERC project on "The Mass Politics of Disintegration" (DISINTEGRATION):

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