Prof. Dr. Stefanie Walter
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Walter


Prof. Dr. Stefanie Walter

Institute for Political Science

University of Zurich

Affolternstr. 56

8050 Zurich



+41 44 634 5832

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Twitter: @stefwalter__



Revised version of my working paper on the mass politics of international disintegration is available.


Want to know what the EU-27 public thinks about Brexit? Here's my newest paper presenting data from a December 2018 survey among 10432 EU-27 Europeans.


My research project  “The mass politics of disintegration” (DISINTEGRATION), funded with an ERC consolidator grant, has started on 1 May 2019. DISINTEGRATION examines the consequences of the current popular backlash against international cooperation and specifically focuses on how the other member states of an international institution respond when one member state attempts to unilaterally change the terms of or terminate an existing international agreement on the basis of a strong popular mandate, such as a referendum.


New paper on how to analyze intergovernmental negotiations, especially complex one as those during the Eurozone crisis with Jeffry Frieden Analyzing Inter-State Negotiations in the Eurozone Crisis and Beyond  out in European Union Politics.


Now working paper (with Ignacio Hurado and Sandra Léon) on what the EU-27 public wants in the Brexit negotiations.


Paper on how foreign policymakers can influence domestic voting behavior in foreign policy referendums now out in International Organization: Noncooperation by popular vote: Expectations, foreign intervention, and the vote in the 2015 Greek bailout referendum (with Elias Dinas, Ignacio Jurado, and Nikitas Konstantinidis).


New working paper with Nils Redeker on the politics of Germany's non-adjustment in the euro crisis.



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